Drainage Geocomposite

Drainage Geocomposite

Drainage Composite Product Introduction of Drainage Composite Three-dimensional drainage composite is a new type of geosynthetics. Its structure is a three-dimensional geo net core, and both sides are adhesived with needled punched nonwoven geotextile. Three-dimensional geonet core includes a...
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Drainage Composite

Product Introduction of Drainage Composite

Drainage Geocomposite is also known as the three-dimensional geotechnical drainage board, water tunnel discharge water board. It is a kind of the three-dimensional structure of the plastic mesh which is compounded with double-sided adhesive geotextile. Usually it is produced by high density polyethylene, after special extrusion forming process to structure into three layers. The middle rod with big rigidity, vertical arrangement to form the drainage channel, the top cross rod to form support to prevent geotextile embedded drainage channel. In this structure, it can keep high drainage performance even under the high load. The double-sided adhesive geotextile, has "filter-drainage-air-protect" comprehensive performance which is currently the most ideal material of drainage. This Drainage Geocomposite is very light, space saving, and easy to carry and construct. In this way, it can replace the traditional sand and gravel layer to prevent water and soil loss, to protect our ecological environment. 

Drainage Composite has below features:

1. When the load is 720kPa and the gradient is 2%, the permeability is 2500m/d, and the flow rate is 13pm/m.

2. The creep test retains more than 60% of the thickness after 10000 hours of 1200kPa load.

3. The carbon black content of the three rib drainage net core is not less than 2%, the density is 0.94g/cm3, the tensile strength is not less than 36.5kN/m, the melt index is 1 g/10min, and the thickness is 7.6mm.

4. Non-woven geotextile’s apparent diameter is 0.18mm, the permeable rate is 0.26 Sec-1, and the permeability is 0.2cm/sec. The puncture strength is 580N, trapezoid tearing strength 356 N, tensile strength of 900 N holding, grip extended strength is 50%, and bursting strength is 2750kPa.





Product Specification of Drainage Composite



Product Application of Drainage Composite

Drainage composite is mainly used in drainage engineering such as railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection and so on. 


Product Qualification of Drainage Composite



Product Packing and Delivery of Drainage Composite 

Material: HDPE Resin+PET non-woven fabric

Gram Weight: 750g-1600g

Color: Black

Roll Width: 2m

Roll Length: 20m


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