Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe

Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe

Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe can be used in following fields: 1. Drinking water supply system 2. Nature Gas supply system 3. Food and chemical industry 4. Replacement of cement pipes and steel pipes 5. For Mine, argillaceous silt/mud transportation 6. Irrigation and garden green pipe...
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Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe




Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe Application:

1. Drinking water supply system

2. Nature Gas supply system

3. Food and chemical industry

4. Replacement of cement pipes and steel pipes

5. For Mine, argillaceous silt/mud transportation

6. Irrigation and garden green pipe networks and sewage treatment

Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe features:

1. Excellent physical and chemical properties:

 high impact strength, good pressure resistance , long service life (according to the national Ministry of Construction test data that the use of years 40-50)

2. Light weight: 

easy installation, the use of line and socket. Weight only one-seventh of the same diameter cast iron pipe, can greatly speed up the progress of the project and reduce construction costs.

3. Small fluid resistance

smooth inner wall, the rough coefficient of only 0.009, so the fluid resistance is small, compared with the same diameter cast iron pipe flow increased by 30%.

4. Anti-aging

the use of special compound design, no aging discoloration of the worry.

5. Pest control:

the use of a unique auxiliary agent, so that the product will not issue  psoriasis like the smell, to avoid termites, insects gnawing damage.

6. Non-toxic: 

not contain toxic lead salt and other toxic chemicals.

7. Save construction costs: 

lower integrated cost than the same specifications of the cast iron pipe, lower maintenance costs.



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