50mm-200mm High Perforated HDPE Geocell

50mm-200mm High Perforated HDPE Geocell

Perforated HDPE Geocell chamber is a mesh cell structure formed by strong HDPE broadband, which is formed by strong welding. It can be telescopic freely, and can be folded up during transportation, and it can be...
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50mm-200mm High Perforated HDPE Geocell





Perforated HDPE Geocell is a kind of widely used geotechnical materials, geocell is called geocell sheet multilayer polymer sheet strip, or the entire strip repeatedly folded several layers, according to certain rules of alternately connecting two adjacent layers of geocell, three-dimensional grid structure after the start of formation. A single grid section generally have round, hexagonal, triangular and rhombic, collectively referred to as bee cell.

The Perforated HDPE Geocell can transmit the force to the joint through the grid plate, and then transfer the connection to the adjacent lattice panel, so as to make the grid chamber play a lateral and reinforcing role as a whole. In this process, keeping the relative stability of the bee shape is very important. Otherwise, it will cause local instability or settlement. The relative stability of the honeycomb shape depends on the strength of the grid connection.

There are mainly two kinds of Perforated HDPE Geocell. The traditional Perforated HDPE Geocell is welded by unstretched polymer sheets, and the other is made up of stretched polymer sheets by inserting and riveting. It is called one way high strength Perforated HDPE Geocell.

The common drawback of these two types of Perforated HDPE Geocell is that the connection of the compartments is relatively weak. Because the traditional Perforated HDPE Geocell sheet without tensile strength is very low, and the welding point is not solid; second categories of single high strength geogrid although sheet strength increased, but because the tensile connection method can not be used after welding, riveting, etc. can only be connected through the splicing machinery, such a connection is not up to the welding method the anisotropic strength of connecting the same, only to ensure the connection strength in one direction, the connection strength of orthogonal direction is different from the strength is very low, the measured value is generally insufficient strength to pull away the peel strength (shear strength) 10%.

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