Fiberglass geogrid

Fiberglass geogrid

Biaxial fiberglass geogrid is a kind of plane warp knitted mesh material with alkali-free fiberglass yarn as mail body and then coated with bitumen.
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                                          Fiberglass geogrid Product Introduction

Biaxial fiberglass geogrid is a kind of plane warp knitted mesh material with alkali-free fiberglass yarn as mail body and then coated with bitumen. The warp knitted with oriental structure which gives full play of yarn strength and improves its mechanical property to make the product high tensile, tearing and creep-resistant. The coating asphalt give full protection for the fiberglass matrix and greatly improves the geogrid's wear and shear resistance.

For biaxial geogrid, we have two kinds, normal one and self-adhesive one. For the self-adhesive type, there is more layer coating of self - pressure sensitive adhesive. Besides keep the normal product’s performance, it can also ensure the geogrid combining tightly with the contacting surface. Self-adhesive biaxial fiberglass geogrid has the feature of construction convenient and paving leveling.

Biaxial Fiberglass Geogrid has below feature:

1. Light weight, high tensile strength, high modulus, low elongation and good toughness.

2. Delaying and decreasing crack reflection.

3. Convenient installation and long service life;

4. Good physical and chemical stability and good thermal stability.

5. Strong bite force with other base materials;

6. Corrosion resistance, no long-term creep, long life span.

7. Resistant to fatigue cracking, high-temperature track and low temperature shrinkage cracking.

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Product Specification

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Product Application

1. Converting old cement concrete road into composite road.

2. Restraining reflection cracking caused by block shrinkage.

3. Preventing and controlling the cracking caused by new and old combination and uneven settlement.

4. Reinforcement of soft soil foundation and overall strength of roadbed.

5. Reinforcement of river bank and river bottom.

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Product Qualification

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Product Packing and Delivery

Tensile Strength at Break: 25kn~200kn

Certificate: ISO, CE

Color: Black

Roll Width: 1m,1.5m, 2m,3.0m,3.95m,5.8m, 5.9m

Roll Length: 50m, 100m or as required

Wrapping: Paper Tube and plastic film

Delivery Time: Within 15 days from order confirmation


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