Geogrid Composite with Nonwoven Geotextile 100g

Geogrid Composite with Nonwoven Geotextile 100g

Geogrid composite is a composite of fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid and plastic geogrid combined with non-woven geotextile or fabric through adhesive and hot melting methods.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Geogrid composite is a composite of fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid and plastic geogrid combined with non-woven geotextile or fabric through adhesive and hot melting methods. It is a kind of innovative composite geosynthetic materials, which organic combining the excellent performance of geogrid and geotextile. This product can be designed according to actual requirement.


Geogrid Composite With Nonwoven Geotextile 100g has below feature:

1. High tensile strength and low elongation rate;

2. High elasticity modulus;

3. Good temperature resistance;

4. High water permeability and anti-filtration

5. Tear resistance and de-dispersion with long service life.

6. As the base material of geogrid composite, non-woven fabric or non-woven geotextile has a fluffy structure and superior drainage performance.

7. The products has good friction coefficient with other base materials, thus the geogrid composite is mainly used for soil reinforcement.

8.It combines all the functions of a geogrid and geotextile in one single product. For this reason, the main area of use for it is on weak subsoils where, in addition to stabilisation and reinforcement, filter and separating properties are required. As a rule, this means subsoils with a CBR value of less than 3 %. Thus, the areas of application for they are to be found in the reinforcement of base courses, foundations, access roads, pipeline trenches and throughout the road building sector. The range of products available incorporates different degrees of tensile strength and covers a variety of applications.

GeoGrids for reinforcement of pavements and subgrades require stiffness at very low strain. It excels in this application due to the inherent strength in the GeoGrid bars. It is the next generation of GeoGrid produced with state of the art manufacturing technology unlike any other GeoGrid on the market today. The reinforcement element is highly orientated polypropylene bar that is uniformly extruded and drawn to achieve a high modulus and strength at low elongation, and excellent radial stiffness. This is combined with NAUE patented welding technology to provide a structurally sound and stable GeoGrid with 100% junction efficiency at working strains.



Product Specification

Dageng Group is specialized in Geogrid Composite production. The fabric is usually of two kinds, non-woven spun bonded fabric and non-woven geotextile. The geotextile/fabric gram weight varies from 20g to 200g.


Installation Guide

Ground surface shall be prepared prior to placement, providing a level and uniform ground surface, with appropriate clearing and grubbing performed to accomplish this. Additional preparation, as outlined in the project documents may be required. Geogrid shall be placed in the location and orientation specified in the project plans and specifications. Geogrid shall be laid flat and smooth directly on the prepared subgrade. All wrinkles and folds shall be removed. When required, geogrid may be pretensioned to eliminate slack. Geogrid shall be overlapped a minimum of 300 mm in both adjacent and longitudinal directions, or joined as specified in the project plans. Soft subgrade installations may require a greater overlap, or joining of adjacent rolls using cable ties or other suitable device to maintain the geogrid location and orientation during fill placement. Consult project plans and specifications for more instructions in this regard.


5. Product Qualification



Product Packing and Delivery

Color: Geogrid-Black with Geotextile/Non-woven fabric-White

Roll Width: 1m-6m, usually 3.95m for container loading.

Roll Length: 50m or as required.

Wrapping: Plastic film

Delivery Time: Within 15 days from order confirmation


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