Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN

Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN

Glass Fiber BX Geo Grid 50KN 1.Introduction of Glass Fiber BX Geo Grid 50KN Shandong Dageng Group are the professional manufacturer of geogrid in China,our geogrids can be woven,extruded and welded kinds.We have 13 sets of Karl Mayer Machinery axial textile machines MALIMO and textile machine of...
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Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN

1.Introduction of Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN

Shandong Dageng Group are the manufacturer of kinds of geogrids in China,which can be woven,extruded and welded.We have 13 sets of Karl Mayer Machinery axial textile machines MALIMO and textile machine of Dornier,are able to manufacture the above kinds of geogrids accordingly.For fiberglass geogrid,we already get CE from BTTG guaranteed,you can be assured of our quality and samples can be sent to your checking first. Our glass fiber BX geogrids are widely applies in the old cement road surface, runway's service, the dike, the river bank, the side slope protection, project domains and so on.Our fiberglass geogrids has ehigh intensity, the elongation ratio low, thermostable, the module is high, the weight is light, toughness good, anti-corrosive, long life and so on,are quitely cost effective compared with polyester geogrid. Normally our geogrid well sold is of 50KN,80KN,100KN,and we already have stable clients from worldwide country,such as Colombia,India,Thailand,Malyasia and so on,welcome to talk with us further on fiberglass geogrid.




2.Product Specification of  Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN


3.Product Qualification of  Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN


4.Product Packing and Delivery of  Fiberglass Biaxial GeoGrid 80KN

Package: Rolls with Black PE film + paper tube

Delivery: two weeks for a 40HQ

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