Fiberglass Geogrid Pavement

Fiberglass Geogrid Pavement

Fiberglass geogrid Pavement Purpose is plane network shape material that selects excellent reinforcement non-alkali roving, is weaved into base material by using foreign advanced warp knitter,
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Product Details

Product Introduction 

Fiberglass geogrid Pavement Purpose is plane network shape material that selects excellent reinforcement non-alkali roving, is weaved into base material by using foreign advanced warp knitter, uses warp knitting directional structure, makes full use of yarn strength in textile, improve its chemical performance, makes it have good tension resistance, tearing resistance and creep resistance and is formed by excellent modified asphalt coating treatment.

With the bitumen coating of fiberglass geogrid pavement purpose, the stress is controlled, and strain is released and the entirety strength of concrete is enhanced and reach the purpose of preventing the cracks moving. The fiberglass geogrid for pavement purpose acts as a skeleton in the road surface, and enhance the concrete road and make it an entirety structure, just like the usage of steel, with the very good structure strength.

Product Features

1.High tensity as well as low elongation ratio. Fiberglass geogrid is a glass fiber as raw material, has a high resistance to deformation, elongation at break of less than 3%

2. No long-term creep - as a reinforcing material, possess the ability to resist deformation in the case of long-term creep resistance load that is extremely important, glass fibers do not creep occurs, which ensures that the product can maintain long-term performance. 

3. Aggregate interlocking and restrictions - is due fiberglass geogrid mesh structure, asphalt concrete aggregate can be running through them, thus forming a mechanical interlocking. This limitation hinders the movement of aggregates, asphalt mix in the case load can be achieved by better compaction state, higher load-bearing capacity, better load transfer performance and less distortion.

4. The physical and chemical stability - through a special coating treatment after treatment agent, fiberglass geogrid can resist all kinds of physical abrasion and chemical attack, but also against biological erosion and climate change, to ensure that their performance is not affected.

Product Function

Reinforcing the embankment slope.

Retaining walls reinforced to enhance the overall strength.

Reinforcement, segregation of dam and river in water conservancy projects reinforce and the soft soil base, strength their projection and improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

The soft soil roadbeds of road, railway and other municipal roads are reinforced which can effectively improve the strength of subgrade, delaying reflection cracks in the road.


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Product Specification

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Product Application

1. Fiberglass geogrid for pavement of highway is mainly used for soft soil treatment, road base reinforcement, slope protection, bridge abutment reinforcement, wing wall, retaining wall, separation and soil reinforcement project.

2. Applying fiberglass geogrid in railway construction can avoid the railway on the soft soil base sediment or damage too early.

3. Fiberglass geogrid pavement in airport site can greatly enhance the plane track bearing capacity, and ensure the safety of the plane take off and land.

4. Fiberglass geogrid can be used in disposal of dross field, power station, ash dam engineering, coal mine, metallurgy, landscaping, fence and more.

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Product Qualification

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Product Packing and Delivery

Tensile Strength at Break: 15kn~400kn

Certificate: ISO, CE

Color: Black

Roll Width: 3.95m,5.8m, 5.9m

Roll Length: As per required

Wrapping: Paper Tube with woven plastic film

Delivery Time: Within 15 days from order confirmation

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