Fiberglass Geogrid

- Oct 27, 2017-

Glass fiber geogrid is a kind of new excellent geotextile substrate which enhances the pavement and roadbed. The products are made of non-alkali fiberglass filament as the main raw material, weaving with unique warp knitting process and coated with special compound Mesh material. Can effectively improve the stress distribution of road structures, resistance and delay due to cracks in the grassroots cracks caused by the occurrence of cracks to improve the service life of the road, and can reduce the cost and improve the quality of construction.

The use of glass fiber geogrid coating self-adhesive pressure treatment, in maintaining the characteristics of glass fiber geogrid and function on the basis of the grid and the contact layer closely together, with the construction of convenience, paving and so on Characteristics, especially for highway construction, road reinforcement, the old road renovation and other projects to enhance the reinforcement. Composite geotextile is made of glass fiber or high-strength polyester fiber yarn and non-woven fabric woven or bonded by the new composite geotextile material, organically combined with glass fiber and non-woven fabric both excellent performance, in addition to Geogrid has high strength, low elongation, high elastic modulus, temperature and other characteristics, but also has a good anti-penetration and anti-filtration ability, is a multi-functional geosynthetics, can effectively extend the use of the project Life, reduce the frequency of maintenance, reduce the cost of the project, for road roadbed, water dike and other projects to enhance the reinforcement and isolation protection.