- Oct 27, 2017-

Geocell is a reinforced HDPE sheet material, the formation of a high-strength three-dimensional grid grid structure. Generally by ultrasonic needle welding made. Due to engineering needs, some people in the film on the hole.

Geocell features:

1, with telescopic ease, transport can be folded, the construction can be pulled into a mesh, fill the soil, gravel, concrete and other loose materials, constitute a strong lateral and large stiffness of the structure.

2, light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light aging resistance, acid and alkali, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions.

3, the higher lateral restrictions and anti-skid, anti-deformation, and effectively enhance the carrying capacity of subgrade and distributed load.

4, to change the geocell height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions to meet the needs of different projects.

5, stretching freely, transport volume is small; easy to connect, construction speed.