Geotextile classification

- Oct 27, 2017-

Geotextile mainly has the following three series:

First, acupuncture non-woven geotextile, specifications 100g / m2-600g / m2 between any choice, the main raw material is the use of polyester staple fiber or polypropylene staple fiber, made by acupuncture, the main purposes are: river, sea, lake Embankment slope protection, reclamation, wharf, ship lock flood control and other projects, is through the filter to play a soil and water conservation and effective way to prevent piping.

Second, acupuncture non-woven and PE film composite geotextile, specifications have a cloth a film, two cloth a film, the largest width of 4.2 meters The main raw material is to use polyester staple fiber acupuncture non-woven, PE film through the composite , The main purpose is anti-seepage, apply to railways, highways, tunnels, subways, airports and other projects.

Third, non-woven and woven composite geotextile, a variety of non-woven and polypropylene filament woven composite, non-woven and plastic woven composite, suitable for foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability coefficient of the basic engineering facilities.


Light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, with a filter, drainage, isolation, enhance the excellent performance.


Widely used in water conservancy, electricity, mines, roads and railways and other geotechnical projects:

1, soil separation of the filter material;

2, reservoirs, mine mineral processing of drainage materials, high-rise building foundation drainage materials;

3, river dam, slope protection of the anti-erosion materials;

4, railways, highways, airport runway subgrade reinforcement materials, marsh zone road reinforcement materials;

5, anti-frost, antifreeze insulation materials;

6, asphalt pavement crack prevention material.