Polyester Geogrid

- Oct 27, 2017-

Warp knitted polyester geogrid is a new type of high-quality geotextile reinforced subgrade, the choice of high-strength polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber as raw material, the use of warp-oriented structure, the fabric of the latitude and longitude to the yarn between the non-bending state, With high-strength fiber filament bundled together to form a strong combination of points, give full play to its mechanical properties.

Polyester geogrid definition: warp knitted polyester geogrid using high-strength polyester industrial filament, through the warp weaving fabric mesh fabric, processed by the PVC into a geogrid. Used in soft soil foundation treatment and roadbed, dam and other projects to enhance the reinforcement to improve the quality of the project to reduce the project cost.

Polyester geogrid features: high tensile strength, tear strength, and soil gravel strong combination.

Polyester Geogrid Uses: Highway, railway, water and other soft soil reinforced reinforced.

▲ polyester geogrid for railway dregs protection: due to the train vibration and wind and rain, resulting in loss of road slag, with geogrid wrapped around the slag to prevent slag loss, improve the stability of the roadbed;

▲ Polyester geogrid for railway retaining wall: Geogrid for the edge of the railway wall to enhance, such as the train station with the Taiwan and Taiwan, can extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs;

▲ polyester geogrid for reinforced retaining wall: in the road next to the vertical wall and add the geogrid, can improve the carrying capacity of the retaining wall;

▲ abutment foundation is generally easy to sink down, there is a phenomenon of jumping in the abutment foundation laying geogrid, can improve the bearing capacity, stable abutment.