Application Guide For Glass Fiber Grille

- Oct 27, 2017-

1. In the case of the same thickness as the unstiffened asphalt layer, the extension factor of the fatigue life of the road reinforced with this material is 4-7 years.

2. When the entire asphalt concrete road is built on a relatively weak foundation, with a layer of geogrid can save 50-100mm thick high-quality asphalt concrete.

3. Can effectively control, delay and prevent the cracking caused by low temperature and cracks caused by the base layer of the occurrence of cracks. Effective use of glass fiber geogrid reinforced materials to enhance the minimum thickness of asphalt concrete is 40mm, geogrid should be placed in the bottom of the layer of asphalt concrete.

4. The use of glass fiber geogrid increased asphalt pavement can reduce rut more than 50%.

5. In the maintenance system in the original serious cracking of the asphalt concrete pavement asphalt concrete layer. In the rigid concrete pavement asphalt concrete layer: in the semi-rigid base layer above the asphalt concrete layer. The above three kinds of pavement overlay with glass fiber geogrid reinforced asphalt concrete, can effectively prevent and delay the generation of reflective cracks, rapid absorption and diffusion of gravity caused by stress, reduce project cost, extend the life, reduce maintenance costs The

6.40mm thick glass fiber geogrid reinforced asphalt concrete surface strength is equivalent to no glass fiber geogrid reinforced asphalt concrete surface layer 100mm-175mm (4-7 inches) thick strength.