Characteristics Of Glass Fiber Geogrid

- Oct 27, 2017-

(1) high tensile strength, low elongation - fiberglass geogrid is based on glass fiber as raw material, has a high resistance to deformation, fracture elongation of less than 3%.

(2) no long-term creep - as a reinforcement material, with long-term load in the case of resistance to deformation, that is, anti-creep is very important, glass fiber does not occur creep, which ensures long-term product performance. In the case of

(3) thermal stability - glass fiber melting temperature above 1000 ℃, which ensures that the fiberglass geogrid in the paving operations to withstand the stability of the heat.

(4) Compatibility with asphalt - fiberglass geogrid The material coated in the post-treatment process is designed for the asphalt mixture, and each fiber is fully coated and has a high phase with the asphalt Capacitive, thus ensuring that the fiberglass geogrid in the asphalt layer will not be isolated with the asphalt mixture, but firmly together. In the case of

(5) physical and chemical stability - after a special post-treatment agent for coating, fiberglass geogrid can resist all kinds of physical wear and chemical erosion, but also against biological erosion and climate change, to ensure its performance is not affected. In the case of

(6) Aggregate insert and limitation - Since the fiberglass geogrid is a mesh structure, the aggregate in the asphalt concrete can penetrate it, thus forming a mechanical insert. This restriction hinders the movement of the aggregate, allowing the asphalt mixture to achieve better compaction, higher load-bearing capacity, better load transfer performance and smaller deformation in the case of load.