Composition And Use Of Geocells

- Oct 27, 2017-


Geocell is a high-strength HDPE or PP copolymer material broadband, after a strong welding or riveting the formation of a mesh grid structure. It is easy to stretch, transport can be folded up, when used to open and filled with earth or concrete material, constitute a strong lateral and large stiffness of the structure. It can be used as a cushion, handling a weak foundation to increase the carrying capacity of the foundation, can also be laid on the slope to form a slope protection structure, can also be used to build the retaining structure.

The main purpose

1, for the solid road, railway subgrade.

2, for the load to withstand the embankment and shallow water treatment.

3, used to prevent landslides and load-bearing hybrid retaining wall.

4, in the face of soft ground. The use of geocells can greatly reduce the construction labor intensity, reduce the thickness of the roadbed construction speed, performance, and greatly reduce the project cost.