Geocell Application

- Oct 27, 2017-

1, to deal with semi-filled half of the roadbed

When the embankment is to be built on the 1: 5 slope of the ground, the embankment foundation shall be excavated. If the width of the step is not less than 1 M, the junction of the old and new roadbed fills shall be opened when the road is widened. Digging steps, high-grade highway step width is generally 2M, in each layer of the level of the laying of geocells, the use of geocell itself, the vertical side of the stiffening effect, better solve the problem of uneven subsidence.

2, sandy road subgrade

In the sandy land, the embankment should be mainly composed of low embankment, and the height of the filling is generally less than 0.3M. The geocell can play a lateral role in the loose packing due to the low embankment and heavy bearing of the subgrade in the sandy area. The limited height of the embankment has a high rigidity and strength to withstand the load stress of large vehicles.

3, platform roadbed filling reinforcement

The use of geocells can be better to achieve the purpose of reinforcement, the geocell and fill the room can produce enough friction between the effective reduction of roadbed and the uneven settlement between the structure, and ultimately to effectively ease the "bridge jump Car "damage to the early impact of the deck.

4, permafrost region roadbed

In the permafrost area, fill the embankment foundation, should reach the minimum filling height, to prevent the occurrence of fouling or cause the upper limit of the frozen layer, resulting in excessive settlement of the embankment. The unique facet reinforcement effect of the geocell and the effective implementation of the overall side limits can ensure maximum filling height in certain special areas and to fill the soil with high quality strength and stiffness.

5, loess collapsed roadbed treatment

For highways and primary roads through collapsible loess and compressible loess loesss, or high embankment foundation to allow bearing capacity is lower than the vehicle load and embankment weight of the pressure, but also according to the bearing capacity requirements of the roadbed To deal with, then the advantages of geocell to show no doubt.

6, saline soil, expansive soil

The use of salted soil, expansive soil to build the highway, a highway, shoulder and slope are used reinforcement measures, the floor of the facade reinforcement effect is the best of all reinforcement materials, and it has excellent corrosion resistance Nature, can fully meet the requirements in the construction of higher roads in saline soils and expansive soils.