Geotextile Applications

- Oct 27, 2017-

(1) Reinforcement in backfill for retaining walls, or panels for anchoring retaining walls. Build a parcel or a bridge.

(2) to strengthen the flexible road, repair cracks on the road to prevent the road reflection cracks.

(3) to increase the stability of gravel slope and reinforced soil to prevent soil erosion and low temperature soil damage.

(4) the isolation between the road ballast and the roadbed, or the isolation between the roadbed and the soft foundation.

(5) artificial fill, rock or material field and the isolation layer of the foundation, different frozen soil between the isolation. Filtration and reinforcement.

(6) filter layer of the early dam surface of the ash storage dam or the tailings dam, and the filter layer of the drainage system in the backfill of the retaining wall.

(7) drainage around the dark tube or gravel drainage ditch around the filter layer.

(8) water conservancy project wells, relief wells or diagonal pipe filter layer.

(9) Isolation of geotextiles between roads, airports, railways and artificial rockfill and foundations.

(10) internal or horizontal drainage of the dam, buried in the soil to dissipate the gap water pressure.

(11) Drainage of the bottom of the impervious geomembrane or the lower part of the concrete face in the earth dam or embankment.

(12) to exclude the surrounding water seepage of the tunnel, to reduce the pressure of the external water and the surrounding water seepage.

(13) Drainage of Foundation of Artificial Filling Ground.

(14) roads (including temporary roads) railways, embankments, earth dams, airports, sports and other projects to strengthen the weak foundation.