Geotextile Effect

- Oct 27, 2017-

1: Isolated

The use of polyester staple acupuncture geotextile with different physical properties (particle size, distribution, consistency and density, etc.) building materials

Materials (such as soil and sand, soil and concrete, etc.) to isolate. So that two or more materials are not lost, not mixed, keep the material

The overall structure and function of the material, so that the structure of the building capacity to strengthen.

2: filter (filter)

When the water from the fine soil into the coarse soil layer, the use of polyester staple acupuncture geotextile good permeability and water permeability, so that water

Through, and effectively carrying soil particles, sand, small stone, etc., in order to maintain the stability of soil and water engineering.

3: Drainage

Polyester staple acupuncture geotextile has good water conductivity, it can form a drainage channel within the soil, the soil structure within the more

Excess liquid and gas efflux.

4: reinforced

The use of polyester staple acupuncture geotextile to enhance the soil tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhance the stability of the building structure to change.

Good soil quality.

5: protection

When the water is washed on the soil, it will effectively spread, transmit or decompose the concentrated stress, and prevent the soil from being destroyed by external force, which protects the soil.

6: anti-puncture

And geomembrane combined into a composite waterproof impermeable material, play the role of anti-puncture.

High tensile strength, good permeability, breathable properties, high temperature resistance, anti-freeze, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, not moth-eaten.

Polyester staple acupuncture geotextile is a widely used geosynthetics. Widely used in railway roadbed reinforcement, road pavement

Conservation, sports hall, dam protection, water structural isolation, then hole, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.