Non Woven Geotextile In Loading

- Jun 20, 2018-


150,000sm 150g continuous filament spunbonded PET non-woven geotextile is in loading today. This order is for high way project in Yunnan Province.

PET non-woven geotextile is made of 100% polyester. The melting point of polyester is above 260 degrees C, and it does not shrink obviously below 230. 2. The product of filament burning hairy earthwork cloth is a non spinning geotextile reinforced by polyester continuous filament by needle. Its tensile strength is equal to 8KN/m, and the elongation is 40-60%. It fully meets the technical requirements of JTJ/T019-98 (highway geosynthetics application technical specification) for geotextile. 3. The thickness of the product is moderate, the ability of impregnating asphalt is strong, and it combines with the dry layer oil to form an ideal isolation layer. It has good waterproof and thermal insulation effect. 4, long filament burning geotextile products have UV protection, cold resistance, chemical corrosion resistance against biological damage. 5. For the development of the long silk wool cloth, it has a unique single and double side burning patent, and the rough side of the burning coat will be upwards when laying. It can not only improve the bonding force between the surface layer and the interlayer, but also prevent the wheel from being rolled up and damaged during the construction. At the same time, the vehicle can be suppressed and the paver appears skidding on the cloth.