Shandong Dageng Bring In One 6m-Width Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner GCL Producting Line

- Apr 12, 2018-

In year 2018, Shandong Dageng Project Material Co., Ltd plan to enlarge its production capacity, by bring in new machines.  In early 2018, a new 6m-width bentonite geosynthetic clay liner machine group is setted in the factory.


Below just introduce the basic producing procedure of GCL for customer's reference.

1. Firstly, each weaving and non-woven fabric should be placed in their respective positions, and the knitted parts should be knitted by two layers of woven fabric and nonwoven fabric.

2. Prepare bentonite to the hopper, the inclined stirred cage will transport the bentonite to the horizontal conveyor, and control the feeding speed.

3. Regulate the flow of bentonite by adjusting the position of the lower plate and the cylinder.

4. The needle punched machine pulls the orchid up and down through the hook needle at high speed, and becomes one of the intertwining. The main shaft is linked with the transmission of the net roll, and the bentonite geosynthetic clay liner GCL is sent to the next process.

5. Cut the edges into rolls, make the longitudinal and tangential edges of the sodium bentonite waterproof carpet products, and make the rice meter automatically cross cut and check the packaging after reaching the length.