Symposium On Application And Seismic Technology Of Reinforced Infrastructure For Transport In Taiyuan

- Jun 07, 2018-

Symposium On Application And Seismic Technology Of 

Reinforced Infrastructure For Transport In Taiyuan

On June 1, 2018, the seminar on transportation infrastructure reinforced soil structure application and seismic technology was held at Shanxi Traffic Science Park, Taiyuan City, Shanxi province. Many famous experts were invited to make a wonderful report. Nearly 260 people from universities, research and design units, construction units, geosynthetics production enterprises and instruments and equipment manufacturing enterprises participated in this seminar.

The opening ceremony of the symposium was chaired by Zhang Jun, deputy director of Shanxi Transportation Science Research Institute. At the opening ceremony, Zhang Junsheng, director of science and Technology Department of Shanxi provincial transportation department, Professor Yang Guangqing, chairman of Specialized Committee, China geosynthetics Engineering Association, and vice president Liu Shaowen of Shanxi Academy of transportation science and research respectively.

Deputy director Zhang Jun presided over the opening ceremony

The president of Zhang Junsheng's speech

Professor Yang Guangqing's speech

Vice president of Liu Shaowen's speech

At the seminar, the former chairman of the international society of geosynthetics and Professor Fumio Tatsuoka of Tokyo University Science, former director of the China geosynthetics Engineering Association, Professor Li Guangxin of Tsinghua University, the scholar of the Shanxi "100 people plan", Professor Zhou Nanshan of National Taiwan University, and Mic vice chairman of the international Institute of Geosynthetics Hael Dobie, chairman of China Committee of international geosynthetics society, Professor Xu Chao of Tongji University, chairman of China geosynthetic material engineering association, director of Specialized Committee of Specialized Committee, Professor Yang Guangqing of Shijiazhuang Railway University, Deng Weidong researcher of Chongqing traffic research and Design Institute of China Merchants Bureau and Zou Wei of Wuhan University Professor Liu Huabei of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Wu Lianhai of China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd., Professor Yang fruit forest of Central South University, Professor Chen Guoxing of Nanjing University of Technology, China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Professor Fumio Tatsuoka made a special report

Professor Li Guangxin made a special report

Professor Zhou Nan Shan made a special report

At the same time, the conference invited Professor Cai Xiaoguang of Institute of Disaster Prevention, Professor Li Lihua of Hubei University of Technology, associate professor of Song Fei of Chang'an University, Dr. Wang Zhimeng Gao of the second Institute of China Railway (Refco Group Ltd), Dr. Cao Wenzhao of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Li Zhao, deputy general manager of Hao Ke science and Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general engineer He Dichun of Tai'an Luther Engineering Materials Co., Ltd., general manager Li Yong of Shandong Tong Jia Machinery Co., Ltd., director of design director of Limited by Share Ltd of Qingdao Xu domain geotextile, Zhang Xiaoyan, deputy chief engineer of Earth Products China Ltd in Europe and America, Tao Yang, director of Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai, has made a technical report.

The symposium was sponsored by the China Geotechnical Engineering Association and the reinforced Specialized Committee, Shandong Dageng Project Material Co., Ltd is one of the co sponsored company . The participants held in-depth discussions and discussions on the "science and technology problems and seismic performance of the reinforced earth structure design and construction of transport infrastructure".