The Composition Of Glass Fiber Geogrid

- Oct 27, 2017-

Glass fiber geogrid fiberglass alkali-free roving as the main raw material, using a certain weaving process made of mesh structure materials, in order to protect the glass fiber and improve the overall performance, through a special coating process to form a new type Excellent geotextile substrate.

The main components of glass fiber is: silica, is inorganic materials, its physical and chemical properties are extremely stable, and has high strength, high modulus, high wear resistance and excellent cold resistance, no long-term creep; thermal stability Good; mesh structure to aggregate lock and restrictions; improve the asphalt mixture load capacity. Due to the surface coated with special modified asphalt to have a dual composite performance, both the excellent glass fiber and the compatibility with the asphalt mixture, greatly improving the wear resistance of the geogrid and shear Cutting ability.