Types Of Geosynthetics

- Oct 27, 2017-

Geotechnical special materials include geomembrane bags, geotextiles, geotextile mats, geocells, geotextile bentonite mats, polystyrene foam (EPS) and so on. Geomaterials are made from the above materials, such as composite geomembrane, composite geotextile, composite geotextile, composite waterproofing and drainage materials (drainage, drainage) and so on.

Geotextile manufacturing process is the first polymer raw materials into silk, short fibers, yarn or strip, and then made of planar structure of geotextile. Geotextiles according to the manufacturing method can be divided into spinning (weaving) geotextile and non-woven (non-woven) geotextile. A woven geotextile is made up of two sets of parallel orthogonal or oblique warp and weft threads. Non-woven geotextile is the fiber for directional or random arrangement, and then processed by. According to the method of connecting fiber, can be divided into chemical (adhesive) connection, thermal connection and mechanical connection of three kinds of connections.

Geotextile highlights the advantages of light weight, the overall continuity is good (can be made into a larger area of the whole), construction convenience, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and resistance to microbial erosion. The disadvantage is that without special treatment, low UV resistance, such as exposure, by direct exposure to ultraviolet light easy to aging, but if not directly exposed, the anti-aging and durability is still high.